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Sutton Foster - Violet Opening Night Curtain Call

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Sutton Foster - Violet Opening Night Red Carpet

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February 15th 2014 - Penn State

It happened to me and I don’t even live on the same continent, so if you wish to meet her and haven’t yet just wait for it and keep believing in your dream cause it will happen one day and it will be awesome :)

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a little Sutton to help you get thru the next commercial holiday

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HilaryDuff: On set with this gal @sfosternyc #younger

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Wanna be in a collage for Sutton Foster?

Hi guys!

I’m going to Sutton’s Penn State concert in a few weeks, and I want to make her a gift that wouldn’t be just from me but from US -her fans. So if you want to be a part of it, here’s how:

- take a picture of you holding a homemade sign with a short sentence for her like “you inspire me” “thanks to you I believe in my dreams”… anything you want (big enough so it can be read if the picture is reduced);

- send it to thesufofans@outlook.com before January 31st.

I’ll then make a collage that I’ll print and bring to Sutton when I go to her concert! :)

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sutton foster + thoroughly modern millie

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Joshua Henry and Colin Donnell in uniform! Duo to play soldiers in VIOLET opposite Sutton Foster

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